Top 3 Games for the Holidays

Top 3 Games for the Holidays

During the Holiday Season, we all have that one person who has every game to ever exist, plus the remastered-deluxe-ultra-rare edition. As you pursue the online aisles of Amazon, we bring to you three games on our wish list this holiday season.

Starting at number 3 we have Fobia, a HARD puzzle-platformer game. ( did we say hard? We mean HARD!!) If you’re looking for a challenge this game is for you. With stunning aesthetics, beautiful creatures, and an environment where everything can kill you — including your own two feet.



At number 2 we have The Last Campfire. Illuminated by stunning flames, orbs, and glowing water, The Last Campfire is a puzzle game with a story to tell. As you traverse this immersive world you’ll stumble upon lost souls and attempt to reunite them with their path. By completing puzzles you’ll achieve the impossible and may just reunite with your own path.

the last campfrie 2.jpg

At number 1 we have Gris, a stunning platform adventure game. As you traverse this mystical world you’ll uncover new abilities, friends, and bring color back into the environment. The story is told through the colors, environment, and music throughout the game.


Each of these games are available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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