Hathora Cloud

Beamable’s Matchmaking directly integrates with Hathora Cloud to give you access to scalable dedicated servers specifically designed for multiplayer games. Once integrated, your game will experience AAA level performance with low-latency and global regions. Get started with their $500 credit that will last you 1000s of hours of initial playtime.

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What do you get?

Developer Friendly

Easily integrate with the Beamable x Hathora sample game, and if you’re building in Unity, you can deploy your server directly from the editor with Hathora’s plugin.

Dynamically Provisioned Servers

On Hathora, you only pay when players play your game (usage-based pricing). This model works great for early development and testing, as well as for handling launch day player spikes.

No Hassle Server Infra Management

CI/CD integration and simple documentation and integration with Beamable give you the flexibility and simplicity of advanced technology without the complexity of setting it up on your own.