Hathora Integration Now Available in Beamable’s Live Marketplace

Hathora Integration Now Available in Beamable’s Live Marketplace

Beamable is thrilled to introduce that Hathora integration, a powerful addition to our Unreal SDK, is now available in our Live Marketplace! This integration brings many unique features that can streamline your multiplayer game development.

With this seamless integration, Beamable ensures that multiplayer games for Unreal can be developed effortlessly using Beamable. Our Unreal SDK now supports Multiplayer workflows (PIE, Linux Dedicated Server Builds), an Online Subsystem implementation, and a multiplayer sample demonstrating the simplicity of integrating Beamable’s matchmaking service with Hathora.

While Beamable provides all of the systems and tooling for data persistence, metagame, infrastructure, and Live Ops, we do not natively offer Game Server Orchestration services, but our good friends at Hathora do. We’ve partnered with them to build an Unreal sample project showing a playable end-to-end integration.

This demo sample is a simple game where you log in and join a queue to train or a 1v1 Solo Queue. Inside the match: reach for your gun and fire projectiles in a mix of FPS and Dodgeball, attempting to hit the other player.

Beamable Hathora Sample Game FPS Dodge Ball

Several customers are successfully building innovative games as a testament to the power of the Beamable Unreal SDK. Wildcard Alliance, for instance, is using this exact stack to develop a groundbreaking 3D Action Card Game.

“We’ve found the Beamable Unreal SDK flexible and easy to work with,” said Brent Dunham, Principal Engineer at Wildcard. “The SDK plus Beamable’s microservice architecture enables us to easily build and deploy game features. The Beamable team has also been very responsive to our unique needs, collaborating directly to help us grow and extend various features in important directions. It’s been a great experience working with Beamable and Hathora.”

This sample and a preview release of the Unreal 1.0 SDK (along with Beamable’s CLI 2.0) are out right now, and you can fetch them at these links:

Check out our Unreal SDK and the Hathora integration. We are excited to see what you build on Beamable!