Announcing: Beamable Private Cloud

Product announcement Beamable Private Cloud

Announcing: Beamable Private Cloud

Since the launch of Beamable, we have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of game developers. Most of you tell us how transformative it is to be able to start building your dream game without getting bogged down in backend coding, standing up new servers, or handcrafting the same live services that thousands of other games already have.

But we have also heard from larger developers that you need more: not only the simplicity that Beamable brings but the ability to operate it on your own infrastructure. You need the ability to customize the entire code stack and run it in an environment that you have total control over.

We are pleased to announce that this is now an option with Beamable!

Beamable Private Cloud allows you to take a fork of the Beamable environment and launch it on your own infrastructure. You get all of the simplicity, workflow advantages, and acceleration that Beamable brings to your game development – with the comfort of operating within your own environment, tweaking things however you need.

Our new offering is geared towards AAA developers and others with large audiences. With that in mind, we are also adding a new option: Beamable Co-development. Sometimes you need the support of highly customized features or integrations. We are here to support you! Currently, this option is only available to Beamable Private Cloud customers.

If you have a game with over 1M MAU – or expect to have that many players – we encourage you to get in touch to explore these options. Here’s how: