Are you going to SLUSH? Party with Beamable and ZBD!

Are you going to SLUSH? Party with Beamable and ZBD!

We recently announced a partnership with ZBD to provide an onboarding path for rapid Bitcoin payment inclusion in your LiveOps-capable game titles. Now, we are hosting a party at SLUSH in Helsinki, Finland!

Get all of the details on our Eventbrite page now!

2023 has been a challenging year for the game industry and Web3 games in general. That hasn’t stopped companies like ZBD and Beamable from designing, iterating, and building the tools essential for the next phase of game studio growth.

We’re thrilled to announce a collaborative event with ZBD at Slush. Our partnership is especially beneficial for game creators seeking to bypass the complexities of building their own back-end infrastructure and rapidly integrate seamless and secure payments for all!

This exclusive, invite-only gathering is an opportunity to showcase Beamable and ZBD’s latest developments, unique insights, and forward-thinking strategies. More than just a formal event, it’s a chance to unwind and network in one of Helsinki’s premier modern dining venues.

Join us for an enjoyable evening, reconnect with peers, and learn how Beamable and ZBD can help your team in 2024 and beyond!