Beamable Featured by AWS for Games as a Game Backend Solution Provider

Beamable Featured by AWS for Games as a Game Backend Solution Provider

Beamable, a leading platform for game development and live operations, is pleased to announce that it has been featured by AWS for Games, as one of its featured game backend solutions.

As the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has been at the forefront of enabling innovation across industries. AWS for Games is committed to providing game developers with the tools, resources, and infrastructure they need to succeed, and by featuring Beamable as one of its featured games backend solutions, AWS for Games has further solidified this commitment.

By building on AWS, Beamable is able to offer a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline game development, deployment, and live operations. By leveraging AWS, Beamable enables game developers to gain accelerated access to powerful infrastructure, robust scalability, and a multitude of tools and services to launch faster and scale while saving time and money.

“We are honored to be chosen as a featured game backend solution by AWS for Games,” said Jon Radoff, CEO at Beamable. “This designation signifies our shared commitment to advancing the gaming industry by providing developers with best-in-class tools and services. We look forward to working closely with AWS to empower game developers worldwide.”

About Beamable

Beamable is an open, extensible game server platform that lets you create online games and virtual worlds in minutes. Rapidly add player auth, analytics, social, commerce, inventory, content management, meta-game features, GenAI, Web3 capabilities, and more to any game project. Prototype in minutes using engine-integrated workflows and scale to millions of players. Led by a team of game-industry and software veterans, Beamable is based in the Boston area, and has raised $14M from investors, including Permit Ventures, Companyon Ventures, GrandBanks Capital, and