Beamable Joins MongoDB for Startups Program

Beamablea joins MongoDB for Startups

Beamable Joins MongoDB for Startups Program

October 19, 2022 – Boston, MA – Today Beamable is announcing acceptance into the MongoDB for Startups program which targets early-stage, high-growth startups with additional support, co-marketing, and industry connections. MongoDB is at the center of Beamable’s live services platform. Beamable makes heavy use of Mongo Atlas inside of its base services, as well as offers up direct access to native mongo instances with the Beamable persistent microstorage option.

Beamable C# MicroStorage is a tool that enables developers to create, deploy, and manage serverless MongoDB databases all from within Unity. Game teams get full access to a database through Beamable C# Microservices, or through any third-party database tools you prefer. We’ve pre-packaged data snapshot and restoration tools, as well as a data explorer so game devs can visualize, edit, and monitor their data. Beamable also provides a raw connection string to the database so developers can use the workflow and tools that work best for them.

With C# MicroStorage powered by MongoDB, game teams can leverage geospatial queries, time-series data, multiple indexing, and take advantage of the ease of NoSQL document storage techniques to build their games. That could include implementing user-generated content systems (UGC), or any other custom mechanic that requires persistent data.

Beamable is dedicated to delivering the best of MongoDB, without any of the hassles. When a game scales up to support millions of players, Beamable’s MicroStorage will scale with it. Now, as a member of the MongoDB for Startups program, MongoDB will be there to directly assist along the way.

For more information about Beamable’s MicroStorage option, view the documentation.