Beamable June 2023 Release Review

Beamable June 2023 Release Review

In June, Beamable released SDK version 1.16.0, which includes support for Unity version 2022 LTS alongside a range of improvements. A few highlights from the month of June include:

Unity SDK Improvements

Beamable SDK 1.16.0 brings support for the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version. Unity 2022.3.0f1 LTS was released at the very end of May and is now fully supported by the Beamable SDK. Beamable is committed to supporting the latest three LTS versions. As such, Beamable 1.16.0 drops support for Unity 2019 LTS.

Besides that, we also added the ability to send gifts to players through Announcements, and fixed compilation bugs when using the `` package.

Microservice Improvements

1.16.0 marks the introduction of the Scheduler API that allows for scheduling jobs for later execution. We’ll add support for managing scheduled jobs inside the LiveOps Portal, in an upcoming release.

Additionally, we also fixed an issue with Docker installations.

In recent versions, much of our focus has been given to the Standalone Microservices and CLI tools that allow you to interact with SAMS (Standalone Microservices). You can now create new Standalone Microservice projects, add additional microservices to a project using the `beam project add` command, or even create a new Beamable organization with `beam org new`.

Full changelogs can be found at