Beamable March 2023 SDK Release Review

Beamable March 2023 SDK Release Review

In March, Beamable released SDK versions 1.12.0, 1.13.0, and 1.14.0. Here are the highlights from the previous month of releases. 

Our changelogs can be found at

Microservice Publish Window

In Beamable 1.14.0, we released a new Microservice Publish experience. You can read about it in our documentation. The new flow shows the publication status of each service and has a large banner explaining each step of the publishing process. We received lots of feedback that enabling and disabling services in the old flow was confusing, so we’ve re-hauled the experience for 1.14.0. Every time Microservices are published, every single Microservice is set to be “On” or “Off.” If the service is configured as “Off,” then the service will be turned off when the publication finishes.

Microservice Build Hooks

In Beamable 1.12.0, we introduced a way to run custom code before a Microservice is built. The primary use case was to facilitate a way for Microservices to copy custom files into the final runtime environment. You can read about building hooks in our documentation. At Beamable, we used this feature internally to develop the Polygon sample integration project. The project needed to copy the Solidity Compiler from the Unity project to the Microservice Docker build context and, finally, into the built Docker image. Build hooks can also be used to modify the Docker build context, run custom checks, or whatever else you can think of.

Config Defaults 

In Beamable 1.12.0, we changed the behavior of the config-defaults.txt file. The file contained connection settings for a specific Beamable Realm. Previously, the Unity editor, Unity editor playmode, and the built Unity game would all reference the single realm in the config-defaults.txt file. In Beamable 1.12.0, the connection settings in config-defaults.txt only control the connection settings for the built Unity game. The Unity editor and playmode find their connection values elsewhere, controlled by a new file in Library/BeamableEditor. The config-defaults.txt file can be written to manually or by clicking the “Save Config Defaults” button on the account summary page. 

Change Logs

Beamable 1.12.0, 1.13.0, and 1.14.0 also include a lot of bug fixes that you can review in our changelogs.