Beamable Pricing Overview

Beamable Pricing Overview

Why does Beamable price the way that it does? Here is a detailed overview of the goals and details of our subscription and enterprise pricing models.

Pricing Goals

Our pricing is the result of the requirements placed on Beamable to provide business-critical infrastructure. To be successful, we need to succeed at the following:

  • Make the problems of game server patchwork, integration, and DevOps go away. 
  • Allow teams to orchestrate, operate, and drive the success of their games with advanced LiveOps tools.
  • Deliver high performance and low latency at any level of game scale.
  • Seamlessly accommodate 3x-10x traffic surges to a game based on marketing, UA, and re-engagement campaigns.
  • Provide bulletproof security in different client, server, and hybrid/3rd-party architectures.
  • Achieve a minimum of 99.9% uptime at the Enterprise level.
  • Provide new and enhanced features that keep pace with the rate of game tech innovation and player expectations.

Pricing Summary

At a high level, here is how our pricing works:

  1. Beamable charges $10 per 1M API calls with no-commitment On-Demand pricing.
  2. Above the free tier, you agree to a monthly subscription to unlock developer seats, # of allowed microservices, access to custom reporting, and increasing levels of support.
  3. Monthly subscriptions are month-to-month and can be canceled or downgraded with a 30-day notice. 
  4. If you go above a tier’s included API calls, dev seats, or microservices, you automatically move up to the next tier. You will be notified in advance and have 3 days to reduce usage back to a lower tier level.  
  5. For larger games, you can agree to Reserve Pricing on a 12-month contract with additional Enterprise benefits. 

$10 per 1M API calls

This is an all-inclusive price. Beamable does not charge for storage, bandwidth, or internal calls. We do not charge separately for cloud code, LiveOps tools, or DevOps tools. This gives you the game developer unprecedented control over your costs by making efficient use of the Beamable APIs and any requests you make over the gateway. 

A Monthly Subscription

You can start a trial of Beamable for free. As you scale up your project, your team, and your usage with more dev seats, realms, or custom C# Microservices, you’ll be required to tier up your subscription. The higher tiers also come with more support for your implementation. You can see the breakdown of these tiers on the pricing page.

Free Indie* Dev Studio Reporting Pro Pro Plus
Subscription $0 $30 $100 $200 $300 $600 $1,000
Dev Seats 1 3 3 10 10 20 30
Included API Calls 100k 3M 10M 20M 30M 60M 100M
API Overage N/A $10 per 1M $10 per 1M $10 per 1M $10 per 1M $10 per 1M $10 per 1M
Microservices++ 3 3 3 9 9 18 27
Addl Microservice n/a $30 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
Athena Access No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Support Discord Discord Email Email Email Private Chat Private Chat

Subscriptions are billed for all games and realms at the customer (CID) level

* Indie tier only available to independent/international game teams with no revenue or funding.

++ Microservices are counted per service per realm. 1 microservice in 3 realms (dev, staging, and production) counts as 3 services. 

Enterprise Pricing

If you have a larger game project with >200M API calls, it makes sense to contact us about Reserved Pricing that has a few advantages:

  • Pre-buy 12 months of API calls with a monthly commitment. 
  • Any API calls not used in that month do roll over to the next month to offset future overages.
  • Any API calls not used in 12 months do not roll at contract renewal. 
  • Customers can increase the monthly commitment at any time in the contract term to achieve more savings. 

Contact us to discuss your Enterprise Pricing needs


  • Beamable is free to develop for a single developer with less than 100k API calls per month and up to 3 microservices.  
  • Additional Dev seats, Microservices, and API calls are available at Dev ($100 a month) or higher tiers.
  • Additional Microservices at any tier can be purchased incrementally for $20 each.
  • Custom reporting access is available at Reporting tier ($300 a month) or higher.
  • Private chat and additional support are available for $600+ subscription plans.
  • Additional monthly API usage is billed at $10 per 1M API calls.
  • Reserve pricing, API call rollover, and additional discounts are available for games making more than 200M API calls per month.  
  • Enterprise support (with regular meetings and an SLA) is included with all Reserve Pricing plans.