Beamable SDK Review – November 2022

Beamable November 2022 Announcement

Beamable SDK Review – November 2022

In November, Beamable released SDK versions 1.6.0, 1.6.1, and 1.6.2. Here are the highlights from the previous month of releases. 

Fresh Microservice Manager

The Microservice Manager received a major upgrade in Beamable SDK 1.6.0. The goal was to reduce the complexity of the user experience by removing duplicated information and ambiguous components. The changes include:

  • The local status icon that had been in the upper-right corner of each service card has been removed. The local status is indicated by the Play button of each service card.
  • The remote status icon has been moved to the upper-left corner of each service card, and is integrated into the service type icon.
  • There are new quick access buttons for Local Documentation and opening the C# code in the upper-right of the service cards.
  • The checkboxes in each service card have been removed. The play button at the top of the window now spawns a dropdown with a multiselection for which services to run.
  • Finally, the log view will automatically truncate and paginate logs above 5000 characters. A new button at the bottom-right of each service card allows you to copy the selected log to the clipboard.

These updates to the Microservice Manager are intended to streamline the user experience and reduce the onscreen complexity.

Bug Fixes

Beamable 1.6.0, 1.6.1, and 1.6.2 also included bug fixes.

  • The Microservice publish window had some strange edge cases regarding multiple instances of the window.
  • Additionally, the Party SDK events no longer trigger more than once if a player exits and rejoins a party.
  • There was an ordering bug with the Observable SDK that caused the OnElementsAdded event to trigger before the elements were available in the observed list.
  • Now, when the OnElementsAdded event is triggered, it contains the newly added elements as a parameter, and the underlying list has the new elements. 

Video Demo

Check out this YouTube overview of all these changes and fixes:

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