Beamable Support for Sui Blockchain Now Available

Beamable Support for Sui Blockchain Now Available

Beamable now has full Sui integration available in our Live Services Marketplace!

Sui from Mysten Labs is an increasingly popular choice for building Web3 games. Its object-based architecture, support for dynamic and nested assets, helpful features like sponsored transactions, consistent performance, and low cost make it a powerful platform for game developers.

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To get started, download the Beamable/Sui sample project from the Beamable GitHub repo. It contains instructions for setting up a Beamable project with a microservice that handles communication with the Sui Blockchain.

When you launch the Sui / Beamable microservice, Beamable will auto-generate a smart contract from the Beamable content system and auto-deploy it so you can quickly build on-chain items and currencies for your games.

With Beamable and Sui, you now have a powerful set of tools for rapidly building out a Web3 game using both on-chain and off-chain assets directly in your game engine.