Beamable Unleashes The Last Barbarian – A New Playable Prototype

Beamable Unleashes The Last Barbarian – A New Playable Prototype

A group of 4 members of the Beamable development team participated in a game jam last week and were tasked with coming up with a new playable game at the end of two days. The game, built on Beamable and developed in Unity, is called The Last Barbarian and is playable in your browser on PC and MAC here. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the game, keep reading!

The game can be played using arrow keys, a mouse or the on-screen touch controls and the objective is to survive waves of enemies and score as high as you can on the leaderboard. As you can see in the below screenshot of the interface, the UI contains information including an exp bar, your health, the number of points you’ve accrued in your run and which enemy wave you are currently on and many of the features within the game are using features that can be added to any game using one click with Beamable.

The game also harnesses to power of Beamable in order to create a Hero Profile which can be accessed between attempts at scoring on the leaderboard and gives players the ability to use the gold they acquire during matches to permanently upgrade their character making them go even further in their next run.

Also powered by Beamable is The Last Barbarian’s live leaderboard, which tracks every player that plays and ranks them by the highest score they’ve achieved while playing. Send the game to some friends and see if you can beat them!

Built in Beamable, The Last Barbarian is playable here. Want to build your own The Last Barbarian? Sign up for free today and start adding features to your game like Leaderboards, Currency and more with the ease of one click!