Beamable at GamesBeat Summit 2022 Recap

Beamable at GamesBeat Summit 2022 Recap

GamesBeat Summit 2022 took place about a month ago starting on April 26th and Beamable was there! In addition to our team walking the show floor our CEO, Jon Radoff, hosted two really unique panels. Both panels can be watched for completely free (after a short registration process) over at the GamesBeat Summit 2022 registration page.

The Changing Face Of Live Ops 2022 – Link

Jon sat down with Josh Yguando, Co-Founder and President of Jam City, and Jason Bailey, Co-Founder and CEO of East Side Games , to discuss the evolution of Live Ops in 2022 and where Live Ops will be going in 2023 and beyond. They also discussed player retention and how your average player has more entertainment choices in 2022 than ever before, so the bar for success continues to shift upwards and become more challenging, especially as player expectations rise when they play a game for the first time. The talk also dove into how publishers and game developers can optimize the live operations experience for their players to keep them engaged and form a community around the game.

The NFT Debate – Link

Jon also hosted a fiery debate panel regarding NFTs with panelists David Kim, Head of Publishing at WAX studios, and Rami Ismail, Strategic Director and Co-Founder of Vlambeer. The panel aimed to bring to the surface a lot of the debate points surrounding NFTs and the role they might play in video games both now and in the future as well as how the online conversation around NFTs can be so polarizing. Overall this panel ended up being the talk of the summit, and is well worth checking out if you are even moderately interested in the subject!

In closing, the Beamable team had a ton of fun at GamesBeat 2022 forging new friendships, moderating interesting panels and connecting with people around the industry. We hope to see you there next year!