How Beamable Enables Worry-Free Game Operations

How Beamable Enables Worry-Free Game Operations

Non-developers need a place to go to their operate their game and the Beamable LiveOps Portal gives creators the ability to deploy content error-free without engineering. By using Beamable’s LiveOps Portal, game creators get access to important reports needed to measure the success of your game, including Analytics such as:

  • How many unique total players you have per month (MAU)
  • How many active players you have per day (DAU)
  • How many of those users are returning users that have played previously (Retention)

Beamable even includes KPI’s out of box that will help you determine the success of your game, give you an understand of core player behavior and showing advancement towards key monetization goals for your game.

The portal also gives makers the power to download overall player analytics or dive into the player profile page and go into each individual’s statistics.

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