Use Beamable And One Line Of Code To Unlock The Power Of LiveOps

Use Beamable And One Line Of Code To Unlock The Power Of LiveOps

Beamable, combined with Unity, empowers developers to utilize powerful and flexible solutions to communicate with their players and interact with their game through four LiveOps features: Events, Announcements, Notifications and Mail.

Live Events:

Events give the ability to set up one-time competitions with support for multi-phase events that can be done over a finite time, increasing both social and competitive engagement among players. Beamable can be used to even tell players how they are doing through leaderboards and can be used to distribute rewards to the player base based on their performance during the event.


In-game Announcements increase engagement and revenue, often with a multiplier effect from an engaged player base. Beamable’s Announcement Live Ops feature allows development teams to speak to use their game to speak one-to-many through our unique communication platform. Beamable even supports Announcements as a pre-fab, helping developers save time and integrate announcements as fast as possible.


Beamable’s Notifications system gives developers the power to provide their players real time updates based on server data, and can be used, much like Announcements, to communicate one-to-many.


Mail systems are also being used increasingly more in many games, especially on mobile, and Beamable gives devs full access to an in-game Mail system, enabling one-to-one narrowcast communication between a developer and their playerbase.

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