Beamable Unveils Live Services Marketplace

Beamable Unveils Live Services Marketplace

March 21, 2023 (San Francisco, CA) — Today, Beamable announces the Live Services Marketplace: the world’s first destination for game developers to create and share interoperable backend software that helps them build, grow and operate live games.

“Our vision is to accomplish for the cloud what Unity and Unreal accomplished with the front-end of game development,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable. “To do so, we had to create more than a place to download files: we had to create the software interfaces to compose backend gaming software in the cloud–and to interoperate with each other.”

The marketplace is built around components using the Beamable Live Services Marketplace SDK. This includes features such as:

  • A cloud-native execution environment for running code that is maintainable, debuggable and automatically scalable
  • A “data fabric” for representing the objects that exist in persistent worlds and online game economies
  • A set of off-the-shelf methods for important use cases such as scheduling events and messaging campaigns.

The Live Services Marketplace is launching with support for a number of ready-to-use integrations, as well as announcements from partners who have announced forthcoming support. Included are examples for real-time interaction (Foundry, Photon), Generative AI (Scenario, Common Sense Machines,, analytics forwarding (Amplitude, Mixpanel), blockchain (Solana, Polygon, Venly, Recur, Lamina1), and monetization (

To gain access to the Live Services Marketplace SDK or see the components already available, visit

About Beamable

Beamable provides a platform for building and scaling the operations of live games, available as both a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version and a “bring your own infrastructure” Private Cloud deployment. The platform is tightly integrated with Unity and Unreal game engines, enabling game developers to focus on the creativity and differentiation of their products. Led by a team of game-industry and software veterans, Beamable is based in the Boston area, and has raised $14M from investors including Permit Ventures, Companyon Ventures, GrandBanks Capital and For more information, visit