Kinetix Integration

COMING SOON - Kinetix enables avatar self-expression in 3D virtual worlds & social media through an Emote SDK that covers the entire lifecycle from Emote creation to distribution and monetization. Emotes are animations that express avatars' emotions like dances, gestures & celebrations.

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What do you get?

Triple Retention & Conversion

Kinetix Emote SDK provides the content and technology that allows game studios to update their in-game shop content weekly, which has been proven to triple the retention & conversion rates of games.

1000's of Emotes

With this SDK, game developers gain access to a large database of 1000+ emotes (avatar animations) that they can deploy and monetize in their games within minutes, without the need for any 3D professionals.

User-generated content

The SDK also includes additional options like a unique user-generated emote feature that lets players create their very own emote from a video taken from their phones.

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