LAOS Network Integration

COMING SOON - Beamable’s LAOS Network integration is easiest way to mint huge numbers of assets and deploy them in Ethereum, Polygon, or any EVM chain – without paying native gas fees or risking network congestion. No need to use smart contracts or develop complicated back-end integrations. Mint assets for your players at will and have them to be traded in OpenSea and other major marketplaces.

What do you get?

Minting at Scale

Use LAOS’ Bridgeless Minting to create hundred, thousands, or millions of assets on Ethereum, Polygon or any EVM chain. LAOS Network assets are fully standards compliant, and they appear and be traded as usual either in Opensea and elsewhere.

New use-cases

Unlock use-cases beyond collectibles, speculation, and scarcity. LAOS Network’s dynamic assets can be created at a scale that allows you to gift them to your players, who can then modify and level-up the assets to affect their value on the market.


Apply to LAOS Network’ grant program to fund your integration – fully compatible and compliant with grants from other chains.

Get notified at launch!

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