Beamable 2023 Year In Review

Beamable 2023 Year In Review

2023 was a transformative year for Beamable. We launched new products, expanded our team, added features, and forged numerous new partnerships. Here is a look back at the key milestones that created value for game studios as they tackled the complex problems of building a game, launching it, scaling it, and building a commercially sustainable game business.

2023 Milestones

  • Launched Beamable Private Cloud
  • Introduced Co-Development & Implementation Services
  • Won an Epic MegaGrant to launch the Beamable Unreal SDK
  • Introduced the Beamable Live Services Marketplace
  • Built Web3 Support for Solana, Polygon, Venly, ZBD, Sui/Mysten, and more!
  • Won the GameChanger Award
  • Named an AWS for Games Backend Service Partner
  • Listed in the AWS Marketplace
  • Completed hundreds of service improvements!

Read on for the specifics!

Beamable Private Cloud

We heard from larger game studios that they wanted all the power of Beamable, but with the ability to run it on their own cloud account with a source code license to extend or change whatever they needed.

Beamable Private Cloud (BPC) is just that. It allows developers to fork a complete version of the Beamable environment and launch it on their own infrastructure. With BPC, you get all of the simplicity, workflow advantages, and acceleration that Beamable brings to your game development – with the comfort of operating within your own environment and tweaking things however you need. You can learn more about BPC and see if it fits your needs!

Beamable Co-Dev & Implementation Services

In 2023, we repeatedly heard from our customers that they need Beamable’s technology and want someone on their team who has lived, breathed, and survived the complexity of backend game development. They asked us if we could dive into their code and help them take full advantage of the workflow, tooling, and microservices architecture to expand their game title. For that, we created a new co-dev and implementation services capability inside of Beamable to do just that!

Maybe you want Beamable Private Cloud but don’t have a DevOps team to support and maintain it. Maybe you need a custom game feature. Maybe you want to add Web3 to your game. With Beamable’s Co-Development and Implementation services, you can hire Beamable engineers on a monthly retainer basis to implement/build/integrate anything you need to move your game project forward.

If you could use experienced backend game engineers on your team, contact us, and let’s discuss your project!

Epic MegaGrant Recipient & SDK Launch

Late in 2022, we received an Epic Mega Grant, and by March 2023, we launched the first version of Beamable support for Unreal Engine! Game developers had been asking us for Unreal support, and we delivered.

Throughout 2023, we worked with dozens of Unreal game studios, refining the offering with additional support on integrations, microservices, content, and current Unreal versions. Unreal is now a major part of Beamable, thanks to the support from Epic, the Megagrants program, and our collaborative Unreal game studio partners. Get started with Beamable & Unreal with your own games today!

Live Services Marketplace

Back in March 2023, our CEO, Jon Radoff, laid out a mission for the marketplace:

“Our vision is to accomplish for the cloud what Unity and Unreal accomplished with the front-end of game development. To do so, we had to create more than a place to download files: we had to create the software interfaces to compose backend gaming software in the cloud–and to interoperate with each other.”

– Jon Radoff, CEO, Beamable

Since then, we’ve added almost two dozen partners to the Beamable Live Services Marketplace. Those partners include:

Available Today

  • Amplitude integration to pipeline your game analytics to your Amplitude account
  • for fitness-based gameplay accounts
  • Mixpanel integration to pipeline stats to your Mixpanel account
  • Photon support to add multiplayer to your game
  • Polygon integration for rapid Web3 game development
  • support to pipeline runtime generated AI game content
  • Solana integration for rapid Web3 game development
  • Zebedee for rapidly adding Bitcoin payment support to your game
  • Zenject support for easy setup and config of an injection system

Coming Soon

  • Common Sense Machines to rapidly pipeline AI assets into your game
  • Croquet to offer synchronized multiplayer at scale
  • Halliday for ERC-433 Smart accounts and easy Web3 onboarding
  • Hathora to manage dedicated servers for multiplayer
  • Hero Trainer to add a fitness component to your game projects
  • Lamina1 for easy Web3 game development
  • Mysten/Sui integration for easy Web3 game development
  • to add dedicated game servers with the simplicity of P2P
  • Thirdwave Labs for implementing deep, rich wallet analytics
  • Venly support to integrate custodial wallets and authentication across a dozen blockchains

Are you talking to game developers? Join our marketplace, and let’s work together to make it easier for game teams to adopt cutting-edge technology and reduce the glue code it takes to add game server features! Let’s talk!

Web3 Support

In 2023, Beamable built its name as the leading game backend platform in the market, executing against the complexity and challenges of Web3 for game developers. We heard loud and clear that game devs don’t want to learn blockchain, but they do want to use that technology in their games to enable new forms of player engagement, interaction, and novel forms of monetization.

Throughout 2023, we forged key partnerships in Web3, as well as invested in cutting-edge integration and tools to bring the key needs of LiveOps to Web3 game studios. Some of these announcements included:

If you are interested in learning more about our Web3 capabilities, have a project you might want implementation support on, or are a Web3 chain looking to streamline your developer onboarding, please reach out!

Winning the GameChanger Award

It is always an honor to be nominated by your peers and to be selected from thousands of companies as one that is pioneering how games are made.

Winning the Game Changers 2024 award from Lightspeed and GamesBeat was a supreme honor. We will continue pushing the envelope this year, making it easier for game developers to build successful games.

If you believe we could help your studio, please contact us!

Being named an AWS for Games Partner

Ever since joining the ISV Accelerate program for AWS Games in 2021, Amazon has been a key partner for Beamable. We work together on many accounts and have partnered on several key projects.

As Amazon was sunsetting Gamesparks 2.0 this year, they selected Beamable as one of three named game backend solution partners. It was an honor to have our hard work over the years validated, and we look forward to a continued partnership with AWS for Games in 2024!

AWS Marketplace Listing

As a game backend solution partner for AWS, we continued to invest in the partnership by re-listing Beamable’s Live Game Platform on the AWS Marketplace. If you are an AWS customer and have an AWS Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP), your Beamable spend will not qualify as part of that plan spent amount.

Additionally, purchasing Beamable off AWS Marketplace streamlines the contracting process. If you want to purchase Beamable via AWS, please contact us to learn more or go check out our listing!

Hundreds of service improvements

In addition to all the work above, we spent the year listening to our customers and making many material improvements in our SDKs, backend, reliability, performance, and features.

We can’t possibly list them all here! You can review the Beamable Release Notes starting at version 1.10 and then scroll up to 1.19 and beyond!

Thank you!

A special thanks to all of our amazing customers who kept us honest this year, demanded the best, and pushed us to build a better product that makes an real impact in their game development lives.

Cheers to 2023! We look forward to working with you all in 2024!